Colorado Association of REALTORS | Committees & Advisory Groups
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Committees & Advisory Groups

Get Involved in Your State Association

Get involved in CAR Leadership and apply your skills to protect the real estate industry and make REALTORS® more successful through your state association.

Audit Committee

The committee assists the board of directors fulfill its corporate governance and overseeing responsibilities in relation to an entity’s financial reporting, internal control system, risk management system and internal and external audit functions.

Chair: Gary Bauer
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Carey

Audit Committee Application

CAR Business Services, Inc.

The purpose of CAR Business Services, Inc. is to develop innovative programs and services for Colorado REALTORS® and generate non-dues revenue to CAR. Directors are elected by the Board of CAR Business Services, Inc.

Chair: Chris McElroy
Staff Liaison: Hugo Hellberg

CAR Political Action Committee


Presidential Appointment

CARPAC is comprised of 19 members appointed by the CAR President. It consists of two members from each CAR District plus seven at-large appointments. In general, CARPAC will aid the local boards in providing political contributions to local candidates and issues. CARPAC will also make endorsements and political contributions to state-level candidates and issues; except that CARPAC will only provide a recommendation to the CAR Board of Directors for statewide constitutional officer candidates. Contact the Government Affairs Division for an application. All Applications are due by August 15.

Chair: David DeElena
Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Peetz

CAR Political Action Committee Application

Chair Advisory Groups

From time to time the Chair of the Colorado Association will appoint an advisory group to address an issue or challenge that falls outside of CAR’s standing committees and forums. An advisory group is a collection of volunteers who bring unique knowledge and skills which complement the knowledge and skills of the formal committees and board members in order to more effectively govern the organization.

The advisory group does not have formal authority to govern the organization, that is, the advisory cannot issue directives which must be followed. Rather, the advisory group serves to make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the CAR Leadership Council which will take the information forward to the CAR Board of Directors

Chair: Ann Hayes
Staff Liaison: Tyrone Adams

Chair Advisory Groups Application

Colorado REALTOR® Foundation (CRF)

A Non-Profit Housing Foundation that provides funding for safe, decent and affordable housing in Colorado for moderate, low and very low income individuals/families.

Chair: Francie Martinez

CRF Application

Colorado Young Professionals Network (CYPN)

Designed to engage and involve the younger REALTOR® member, this committee will work closely with the National Association of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network in delivering valuable and effective services to the members.


Chair: Piper Bruner
Vice Chair: Taylor Wilson
Staff Liaison: Jamie Richards


CYPN Member of the Year Recipient List


2010 – Keith Kanemoto

2011 – Amanda DiVito Parle

2012 – Justin Knoll

2013 – Leanne Goff

2014 – Denise Storm

2015 – Piper Bruner

2016 – Natalie Davis

2017 – Taylor Wilson


Take a look at 30 rising stars in the real estate industry by viewing NAR’s 30 Under 30 List.

CYPN Application
CYPN Member of the Year Application

Finance Committee


Presidential Appointment

The Finance Committee reviews, and sets guidelines for the annual budget that is then considered by the Leadership Council and the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee also reviews and manages the Colorado Association of REALTORS®’ fiscal operations, reporting to the Board of Directors at each regular meeting.

Treasurer: Gary Bauer
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Carey

Finance Committee Application

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee receives & reviews ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if, taken as true on their face, a hearing is to be warranted. The Grievance Committee makes only such preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make these decisions.

Chair: Sean Dougherty
Staff Liaison: Lauren Feigin

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council in the interim between regular meetings of the DIRECTORS, conduct the affairs of CAR according to the policies and instructions of the DIRECTORS and shall meet on call of the President.

Chair: Ann Hayes
Staff Liaison: Tyrone Adams

Legislative Policy Committee


Presidential Appointment with input from the Local Associations

The Legislative Policy Committee monitors all legislation considered by the Colorado General Assembly; promotes or opposes any and all legislation which would have a favorable or negative impact on the real estate industry; proposes legislation that will improve the real estate industry’s operation; communicates on a regular basis with members and Boards of REALTORS® on legislative issues; and issues Calls-to-Action on state legislative matters. LPC members are appointed by the President. Local Associations are requested to make recommendations of members from their association who wish to serve. A separate application is required. All applications are due by August 15.

Chair: Janene Johnson
Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Peetz

Legislative Policy Committee Application

Member Services Committee

Oversees all member services provided by the Colorado Association of REALTORS. The Committee’s overall goal is to provide relevant, effective and efficient services to CAR members.

Chair: Sunny Banka
Staff Liaison: Lisa Dryer-Hansmeier

Member Services Committee Application

NAR Director Committee

This committee consists of all NAR Directors from Colorado. National issues, challenges and areas of concern are addressed. The committee meetings are open to all members.

Chair: David Barber
Staff Liaison: Tyrone Adams

Professional Standards Committee

The members of the Professional Standards Committee serve as the Arbitration and Ethics Hearing panel members for inter-board arbitrations and cases sent through the Statewide Professional Standards program. The committee is made up of one member and one alternate appointed from each local association. The Committee provides guidelines and assistance as developed by the National Association of REALTORS® to local associations to assure that members are protected and provided with due process in all hearings. Members must have Professional Standards training. If interested in serving as your association representative, please contact your local board; otherwise you will be considered a non-voting member of the committee.


Chair: Deborah Conner
Staff Liaison: Lauren Feigin

Pro Standards Committee Application

RPAC Fundraising

Co Chairs- Michael Marcus and Ann Hayes
Staff Liaison: Madeline Cain

Strategic Vision Task Force

Responsible for considering and recommending future strategic initiatives to ensure that CAR remains on the front edge of the members’ needs.


Chair: Chris McElroy
Staff Liaison: Tyrone Adams

Strategic Think Tank Committee Application