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About CAR

Knowledge Happens Here

Who We Are


The Colorado Association of REALTORS® is the state’s largest professional, voluntary, non-profit, real estate trade association that is dedicated to serving more than 24,000 REALTOR® members across the state. These agents are also members of 34 local associations statewide and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Meet CAR Leadership

Mission statement:


“Protecting the Real Estate Industry and Making REALTORS® More Successful”


CAR’s purpose is to protect ALL issues and fields of Colorado’s real estate industry which includes all property owners, land owners, home owners, commercial brokers, residential brokers, resort brokers, rural brokers and property managers, to name a few. It is vitally important to protect real estate professionals and ensure they are more successful when they become REALTORS®. CAR exists to make REALTORS® more successful.

CAR’s Value Proposition: Knowledge Happens Here!


CAR works to offer it’s members:


CAR's Value Proposition

How to Join CAR

All Colorado Association of REALTORS® members join through a local association or board. By joining a local REALTOR® organization, members also gain membership in the Colorado Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Become a Colorado REALTOR®

Thank you for your commitment to making a difference in Colorado’s real estate industry and your dedication to Colorado REALTORS®!

CAR Past Presidents & Chairs

2016      Alan Lovitt, Colorado Springs

2013      Keith Kanemoto, Longmont

2010      George Harvey, Telluride

2007      Kit Cowperthwaite, Denver

2004      Bob Brown, Aurora

2001      Tom Schack, Lakewood

1998      Bruce Wolf, Littelton

1995      Kevin Cook, Berthoud

1992      Gus Williams, Fort Collins

1989      Boyd Adsit, Lakewood

1986      Gail Lyons, Boulder

1983      Tom Martin, Colorado Springs

1980      Kenneth Reyhons, Colorado Springs

1977       Chester Grubin, Arvada

1974       Kenneth Weedin, Loveland

1971        John Hasselblad, Denver

1968       Charles L. Rhoades, Fort Collins

1965       W.R. Bray, Grand Junction

1962       Wayne D. Phipps, Boulder

1959       James Knox, Denver

1956       Edward Kaufman, Pueblo

1953       John R.P. Wheeler, Greeley

1950       Richard Leach, Pueblo

1947       Watson A. Bowles, Denver

1944       W. Max Moore, Denver

1941       F.G. Martinez, Fort Collins

1938       Frank R. Holloran, Pueblo

1935       Charles H. Woods, Estes Park

1932       Robert R. Williams, Pueblo

1929       E.I. Crockett, Pueblo

1926       Charles Bennett, Colorado Springs

1923       Perry Keen, Pueblo


2015       David Barber, Aurora

2012       Scott Matthias, Highlands Ranch

2009       Amy Dorsey, Vail

2006       Michael Labout, Colorado Springs

2003       Kay Watson, Littleton

2000       Dennis Johnson, Breckenridge

1997       Wally Armistead, Longmont

1994       Chris McElroy, Fort Collins

1991       Gary Jarrett, Evergreen

1988       Mary Ellen Marx, Englewood

1985       Don Harlan, Denver

1982       Ted Bryant, Lakewood

1979       Virgil Dickman, Englewood

1976       C.V. LeForce, California

1973       C.G. Cozart, Denver

1970       F.W. “Bill” Haver, Pueblo

1967       Joseph B. Toole, Colorado Springs

1964       Henry Kirkpatrick, Denver

1961       Robert Smidl, Littleton

1958       Donald Weidman, Colorado Springs

1955       L.L. McHone, Colorado Springs

1952       L.C. Fulenwider, Denver

1949       E.W. Ambrose, Denver

1946       Damian P. Ducy, Pueblo

1943       B.V. Ruppel, Pueblo

1940       Floyd S. Padgett, Colorado Springs

1937       N.K. Bickford, Lamar

1934       R.E. Johnson, Colorado Springs

1931       Ralph E. Austin, La Junta

1928       John M. White, Boulder

1925       Horace G. Shaw, Fort Collins

1922       C.C. Cole, Denver

2014       Jolon Ruch, Westminster

2011       Randy Reynolds, Colorado Springs

2008       Greg Zadel, Firestone

2005       Jim Rhoades, Fort Collins

2002       Vicki Burns, Craig

1999       Gary Glenn, Winter Park

1996       Sandi Zimmerman, Castle Rock

1993       John Wendt III, Delta

1990       Richard W. Berger, Durango

1987       Ron Myles, Denver

1984       Janet Scavo, Denver

1981       H. Lindell, Fort Collins

1978       James Gale, Grand Junction

1975       William Moore, Denver

1972       James Berger, Colorado Springs

1969       Daniel Clinger, Denver

1966       J. Chalmers Ewing, Denver

1963       Robert T. Havere, Pueblo

1960       Frank Smith, Fort Morgan

1957       Harold J. Hurt, Denver

1954       Sam Russell, Denver

1951       M.S. Anderson, Greeley

1948       Thomas J. Downen, Pueblo

1945       N.A. Eyer, Colorado Springs

1942       Van Holt Garrett, Denver

1939       L.C. Fulenwider, Denver

1936       D.C. Burns, Denver

1933       Arthur D. Wall, Denver

1930       E. P. Gallup, Denver

1927       Thomas M. Welsh, Greeley

1924       Harry Newcomb, Denver

1921       L.F. Eppich, Denver

CAR REALTOR® of the Year

2017 Online Nomination Form


Faithfulness and willingness to support the articles and principles designed to distinguish REALTORS® as professionals of real estate to others in the business as well as the general public.

Member Board Activity
Activity through board office and committee work, special assignments, educational development or membership in a REALTOR® institute, society or council chapter.

State Association Activity
Involvement through elected or appointed positions, committee work and attendance of state business meetings as well as the pursuit of educational or professional designations.

National Association Activity
Recognized activity within the national structure through involvement in committees, task forces, or leadership roles.

Civic Activity
Local, state and national level participation in activities benefiting the public for example: service clubs, charitable organizations, political, fraternal or religious groups.

Business Accomplishments
Recognized good business conduct, utilizing REALTOR® principles to provide the best, competent service for clients. Although nominations from individual members are welcome, the selection committee strongly encourages nominations to be supported by the local board of directors and signed by the board president.

2016 REALTOR® of the Year

Congratulations to Scott Matthias – CAR 2016 REALTOR® of the Year

Online ROTY Application
Download the ROTY Application

Questions? Email to Monica Panczer, fax to 303-790-7299 or Mail Applications to CAR office, 309 Inverness Way South, Englewood, CO  80112.

Past REALTORS® of the Year

2016        Scott Matthias, Highlands Ranch

2013        Amy Dorsey, Beaver Creek

2010        Bob Brown, Aurora

2007        Dennis L. Johnson, Breckenridge

2004        Tom Schack, Lakewood

2001        Hal Walter, Colorado Springs

1998        Gus Williams, Fort Collins

1995        Donald Harlan, Englewood

1992        Mary Ellen Marx, Englewood

1989        Janet Scavo, Denver

1986        Kenneth J. Reyhons, Colorado Springs

1983        Pat Richards, Denver

1981        C. V. LeForce, Aurora

1978        Joe Holloran, Pueblo

1975        James C. Berger, Colorado Springs

1972        John Hasselblad, Denver

1970        Daniel Clinger, Denver

1967        J. Chalmers Ewing, Denver

1964        Wayne D. Phipps, Boulder

1961        Harold J. Hurt, Denver

1959        Clarence J. Morrow, Denver

1956        John R.P. Wheeler, Greeley

1953        Watson A. Bowes, Denver

1949        E. W. Ambrose, Denver

1939        L. C. Fulenwider, Denver

1932        Robert R. Williams, Pueblo

1924        Harry Newcomb, Denver

2015        George Harvey, Telluride

2012        Kit Cowperthwaite, Denver

2009        Michael Labout, Colorado Springs

2006        Larry Kendall, Fort Collins

2003        Kevin Cook, Berthoud

2000        Chris McElroy, Fort Collins

1997        Gary Jarrett, Evergreen

1994        Gail Lyons, Boulder

1991        Lonnie Brownlow, Alamosa

1988        Harry Schack, Lakewood

1985        Ted Bryant, Lakewood

1982        James Gale, Grand Junction

1980        Chester Grubin, Arvada

1977        Bill Moore, Denver

1974        C.G. “Neeley” Cozart, Denver

1971        Charles L. Rhoades, Ft.Collins

1969        W.R.”Bob” Bray,Grand Junction

1966        Hubert Ingels, Colorado Springs

1963        James Knox, Denver

1960        Frank Smith, Fort Morgan

1958        Thomas J. Downen, Pueblo

1955        W. Max Moore, Denver

1952        Thomas M. Welsh, Greeley

1945        N.A. Eyer, Colorado Springs

1938        Frank R. Holloran, Pueblo

1931        Ralph E. Austin, La Junta

2014        Randy Reynolds, Colorado Springs

2011         Greg Zadel, Firestone

2008        Debbie Tamlin, Fort Collins

2005        Vicki Burns, Craig

2002        Bruce Wolf, Littleton

1999        Kay Watson, Littleton

1996        Jerry McGuire, Littleton

1993        Wally Armistead, Longmont

1990        Ron Myles, Denver

1987        Alice Miller, Bayfield

1984        John Dawson, Littleton

1981        Harold Lindell, Fort Collins

1979        Joseph Murphy, Greeley

1976        Kenneth Weedin, Loveland

1973        Jeanette Grace, Aurora

1970        F.W. “Bill” Haver, Pueblo

1968        Joseph Toole, Colorado Springs

1965        Robert T. Haver, Pueblo

1962        Donald Weidman, Colorado Springs

1960        Edward Kaufman, Pueblo

1957        Floyd S. Padgett, Colorado Springs

1954        Van Holt Garrett, Denver

1951        Damian P. Ducy, Pueblo

1941        F. G. Martinez, Fort Collins

1934        R. E. Johnson, Colorado Springs

1928        John M. White, Boulder